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How long does the process take?

Speed and consistent quality are two of the many advantages for choosing modular housing. On average, a home consisting of two module units will be built in the factory within a couple of weeks. Once the manufacturing process is complete, typically this includes the interior finishes; flooring, trim, moulding, etc., the unit must be transported to your lot and placed on the foundation. The set crew will connect the boxes, erect the roof sections, and make the house weather tight. Final completion is handled by us, and includes connection of utilities to the home, and a short list of finish work. In most cases, a modular home can be completed in a matter of weeks after being set on the foundation. It is important to remember that site preparation work differs for each property and you should contact us for more information. 

How can I tell if a home is a Modular home?

You can’t, unless you were there when the home was delivered. Modular homes look like any other home. Today’s building technology enables us to create almost any style of home from a simple ranch, built in two boxes, up to extravagant Mountain Chalets built in five, six, eight or more modules. Modular construction isn’t limited to single family homes, either, ModularONE can be your source for duplexes, townhouses, motels, dentist offices, and commercial buildings. From inside to out, you will be amazed of your inability to see the difference between a site built home and a modular home, until you look at the overall quality, increased efficiency, and many times the final cost benefits of a modular home.

Can I design my own home?

Yes! Modular One will work with you to create a custom design.

Only you know what your true dream home would look like. We can build practically any home design as a modular, from a cozy bungalow to a modular mansion. Bring your own plan, a photograph, or even a rough sketch of your dream house design. We also have several models for you to choose from, standard model designs can also be customized to suit your wants and needs. Please keep in mind, when customizing engineering and product capabilities could vary.

Is a Modular Home better than a Site Built Home?

The decision is clear. With a modular home you get efficiency and quality control. Efficiency starts with modern factory assembly line techniques. Your home moves through sectional phases on the main floor, with all the professional building trades represented. Work is never delayed by weather, un-skilled labors, subcontractor no-shows or missing materials. A quality control process provides 100% assurance that your home has been inspected for code compliance and workmanship. They are precision built engineered homes for a lifetime of trouble-free structural durability, using high quality materials, which will ensure a safe and secure trip to your property. In-plant inspectors along with 3rd party independent inspection agencies inspect the home on behalf of your state and local government.

The key to a good home is always a good foundation. Factory built modular homes start off square in the factory and maintain that dimension throughout the building process. On-site homes many times get-off square and the builder must compensate as they go through the construction process. To keep this solid foundation, factory built homes generally utilize 30% more materials in the build of your home to securely maintain the structural integrity during transport to the building site. Once the home reaches the lot and the foundation is level, your new home can be set with assurance that the extra materials, squaring of the home, and quality of the build will give you many years of enjoyment in your new home.

Are Modular Homes difficult to finance or insure?

There is no distinction between modular and site built homes as far as appraisal or financing. Banks and lending institutions treat both types of construction the same. Likewise, there is no difference in insuring the modular property. Our sales staff will work with you to select the best lender for your project, in some cases, up to 95% financing is available!

What do Modular Homes cost?

When you add up all the labor, material and time savings inherent in the modular building process, you will find that the price of a modular home is generally lower than a site built home of comparable size. This is achieved through the building systems efficient methods of construction and bulk material purchases. You will also continue to save money year after year while your energy efficient home keeps your heating and cooling costs at a minimum.

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